13 October 2017

From Bangkok To Khao Kho: Lopburi, Phetchabun, Phu Ruea

Previous end of the year trip was headed to Eastern Thailand until entered Laos as well.  We slept at 5 different cities and also a few other cities for just a short stop over.  Everyday we moved hotel.  It was pretty hectic and little tired but above all we were enjoyed this trip.

We left super early in the morning to reach the first town called Lopburi, the city of monkeys.  Monkeys in here live and move freely around the town but most of them are based on the old temples.  They are quite harmful but don't try to tease them.  After that we visited the sunflower field not far from there.

Monkey is easely climbing between the electric cable. 

Sunflower field
The sunflower field is only blossom around end of the year (November - January).  Massive field full of sunflower blossom and very picturesque.

After that, we kept driving further North to have our breakfast at the famous Kai Yang (Grilled chicken) Wichienburi.  It is a must try.  The food came very quick and all were spot on.  Grill chicken was juicy and smelt char-grilly good.  All saap (delicious in Isan).

Tom sap, kai yang, som tum, tap wan, larb ped

Giant temperature stand in Phu Ruea

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12 October 2017

Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach Hotel

Pullman is another five-star hotel which located in Naithon beach.  Nice view, great range of breakfast also complete with kid's club as well. 

10 October 2017

Le Meridien Hotel, Phuket


Le Meridien Hotel, Phuket is a luxury five-star hotel, situated a little outside the town and the busy Patong beach.  It is located in the Karon beach with private ocean front and peacefully surround by secluded cove.  

It was a weird rainy season in Thailand when we were there.  Therefore, most of the time we spent inside the hotel room and used hotel facilities.  As usual, we like to order in-room dining for dinner.  Very convenient.   It was a good meal but nothing outstanding from all. 

Beef Rendang
For the next day lunch, we went to the restaurant and had the Beef rendang served with steamed rice and kerupuk (prawn crackers).  It was really really delicious.  The broth was very thick and creamy with pungent and fragrant taste.  The meat just pulled off from the bone.  And for our dessert, we had this set of fondue that served with fresh fruits, marshmallow and biscotti. 

Chocolate fondue

cloudy beach

cheese omelette for breakfast 
They also have an extensive range of breakfast, from asian to western style breakfast, from light to heavy one.  It was a good breakfast and left us very full. 

Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort
29 Soi Karon Nui, Tambon Karon, Phuket
Ph: +66 76 370 100

09 October 2017

Things To Eat At Phuket Town

Go Benz Phuket
It was 7.30pm when we arrived at this famous porridge shop.  And already about 10 more people were queuing ahead us and all the dining tables are all already full with hungry diners.  But the queue were moving quick.  Once we decided what we want, we ordered all together at the same time.  For example, if you think you can handle 2 bowls, you better order it at the beginning.  Otherwise, if you add it later, it may take sometime as it follows 'first order first serve' basis.

When my friend told me to have this dry porridge, I was like what rice porridge??  I can have it anywhere in Bangkok.  "No, it isn't just an ordinary porridge.  It is a dry porridge."  Still what the hype about it?  But honestly, with just 1 bite of this, I know straight away that it was the best boiled rice soup I have ever eaten.

Khao tom haeng special and spare rib soup

Khao tom haeng - dry rice porridge
In any other stores, rice porridge is normally served with soup combined.  But in this shop specially, they make it separate.  Boiled rice is topped with roasted pork, minced pork and intestine then sprinkled with some fried garlic.  Then the flavoursome hearty soup served on the side.  So it is totally your choice into how much liquid you want to put on your dish.  No need to mix with extra fish sauce or sugar, it was already superb.  Those roast pork are good crackling too.  This shop open at 7 pm until slightly after midnight, so it is perfectly good for a late night food hunter.  If you want to avoid the crowd, I recommend that you come nearly midnight.

Chicken sourdough rye sandwich 
Classic combination sandwich yet so delicious.  It served with fresh coleslaw on the side as well.  Nice to start my morning with.  Sandwich and coffee from Zurich Bread Factory And Cafe.

Hokkien Mee or Hokkien noodle from Mee Ton Poh
Very saucy hokkien noodle served with BBQ pork, prawns and soft-boiled egg.  It was a good noodle and tasty as well.

Phuket walking street in Phuket Old Town
Phuket walking street is held every sunday from 4pm-10pm.  It is located on the Thalang road, in the middle of colorful Sino-Portuguese district of Phuket town.  Phuket is town of a mixture, Baba (Chinese Malayu), Muslim and Indians.  You can imagine how good the food are.

Herbal jelly drink served with milk and brown sugar

Another Southern food that shouldn't be missed here in Phuket is this popular Muslim snacks, called roti.  You can choose between sweet or savory roti. 

Tint Hotel @ Phuket town
We stayed for a night at The Tint Hotel, Phuket Town.  Very tiny hotel yet clean and great location.  Away from the beach, but it is very convenient to go to the walking street just about 5 minutes away.  And the other nights we just stayed at Le Meridien Hotel for beach and pool getaway

Go Benz Phuket (Khao Tom Haeng - Dry rice porridge)
163 Patiphat-krabi Road, Talad Nue Muang, Phuket
Ph: +66 84 060 7799
Open daily: 07pm - 02am

Zurich Bread Factory And Cafe
46/3 Moo.6, Tambon Kathu, Kathu, Phuket
Ph: 092 458 4664
Open: 06:00-21:00

Mee Ton Poh
Open: 8am-8pm
On Phuket Road, at the Surin Clock Tower roundabout
Facing both Metropole Hotel and Surin Clock Tower

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Le Meridien Hotel, Phuket

05 October 2017

Lake Macquarie, NSW

Limited express train to Lake Macquarie about 2 hours journey

We stayed at the Bayshores waterfront for 2 nights, booked via www.stayz.com.au website.  Bill, the owner of the property was very friendly and helpful.  He taught us how to catch crabs and even let us stayed for another night for free.  Just simply because the house was available on the next day.  What a kind guy!!!  The property is fully furnished, with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  It can fit about 8 adults.

And one afternoon, he saw us went out from the house to walk to the shopping mall.  He quickly run out and asking where are we going?  He knew that we don't have car, so he offered to give us a ride to shopping center.  Very caring and kindhearted guy.  We're absolutely loved staying in this place.

small lake at the back door

Private jetty and free canoe to use in the back of the house.  You can also do some fishing and crab-fishing as well.  Or barbeque with family in the back yard.  Although, we're ended up didn't get any fish or crab but we had a great time in here.

Bayshores waterfront (self-contained town house)
Bill Tunbridge
Ph: +61 2 4950 5072 or 0412 505 077
Email: bayshores@optusnet.com.au

The property is only a short ride by bus from Fassifern Station.  Then you just need to keep walking straight inside the lane about 500 meters.  However, if you come by car, it should be a lot easier as they provide a private carpark as well.